Thursday, July 25, 2019


FLYER HIGHLIGHTS:  Responses by Craig Heard, Commission Chairperson
(July 23, 2019)
“A group of outsiders has formed a “Consolidation Commission” to Force a MERGER.”
Response:  NOT TRUE
  1. Commission members equally represent both Roxbury and Mt Arlington all are residents of their respective towns-not OUTSIDERS
  2. The Commission cannot force a Consolidation. The Commission can only put the decision on a ballot for the public to decide in Roxbury and Mt Arlington, should the Commission feel there are savings to justify putting the vote on the ballot.
      The Voters ultimately decide what to do, not the Commission.
“MERGER will eliminate the Borough of Mt. Arlington.”
Response: NOT TRUE
  1. Although not as a Borough, Mt Arlington keeps its identity, maintains its zip code and no one will need to change address
  2. Roxbury and Mt Arlington will undergo exactly the same transitions
  3. This is not a Merger. It is a Consolidation.
“One Million Dollar tax increase”
Response: NOT TRUE
  1. This is not true. No Consolidation will be recommended by the commission for a public ballot unless there is property tax savings for BOTH municipalities acceptable to the Commission.
  2. In fact, the Commission identified over $9 million in savings a year and the independent consultants found even more savings in excess of $11 million per year
“Selling buildings:” All Schools, Library, Borough Hall, Fire Trucks, Police Station, Snowplows, Dial a Ride, and others.
  1. The Commission recommends, in a consolidation, closing Decker due to low usage and enrolment as well as Roxbury’s Lincoln Roosevelt.
  2. Other buildings are under consideration for sale or for repurposing to be determined by transition team.
  3. Lake Rogerene Fire House is recommended to be consolidated into Roxbury and assets can be moved to other fire houses, if needed
  4.  Mt. Arlington borough hall may be consolidated and perhaps used for Senior Citizen center
  5. Police Station may remain as a sub-station.
  6. No plans have been discussed for snowplows or Dial-a-Ride, but intention is to increase services for both municipalities, not decrease.
“Unelected by Voters, self-proclaimed “Commission” in its own report provides for no PROPERTY TAX DECREASE AT ALL FOR MT ARLINGTON RESIDENTS.”
Response: NOT TRUE
  1. The Commission was approved by the State of New Jersey DCA in 2015 under the Consolidation Statute, after securing the necessary votes from Mt Arlington and Roxbury voters to be represented.
  2. The Commission is not self-proclaimed and remains under the supervision of the DCA and DOE.
  3. There has not been a published report showing NO PROPERTY TAX DECREASE TO MT ARLINGTON.
    SUMMARY: The Commission has projected savings in a Consolidation and would NEVER go forward with a Commission recommendation to put a vote on the ballot unless both Roxbury and Mt Arlington have a significant property tax savings! PERIOD! It is clear from this flyer and Facebook postings that the public is being misinformed. Additionally, contrary to Mayor Stanzilis’s announcement at a Mt Arlington Seniors meeting 2 weeks ago, Senator Sweeney office confirmed that it has not made any statement nor decision regarding Consolidation.   

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